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WUXI WANSHENG ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD.   is a professional film capacitor manufacturer which integrates research, production and sale together. Adhering to the tenet of "high starting-point, high level and high standard", our company has introduced a set of world-class equipment. We have attained CQC safety Certification and ISO9001 and SGS Quality Certifications. With the base of taking first-class technical strength, implementing first-class management, producing first-class products and providing first-class service, we provide a complete range of specifications. Our company can produce products as per customers' requirements.


Our goal is "satisfying customers by our good quality and strict business management, increasing the occupancy of the market and competitive strength and further expanding the global market". We stick to principle of "quality first and faith supreme". Please feel free to contact us for further information.


      無錫萬盛電子有限公司 成立于2001年,是一家致力于開發、生產金屬化薄膜電容器的專業企業,全套引進國際先進水平的中小型及超小型金屬化薄膜電容器生產設備。公司專業生產CL21X型、CL21型、CBB21型、CBB28型、CBB13型、CBB81型、MKP X2安規等金屬化薄膜電容器,已通過UL、VDE、CB、CQC、CUL等認證,全面落實ISO9001:2015質量管理體系。


      公司以掌握一流的技術、實施一流的管理、生產一流的產品、提供一流的服務為基準,為新老客戶提供多品種、全系列金屬化薄膜電容器,并且可以根據客戶需要,定制非標系列特殊規格產品。 公司將進一步嚴格質量管理,強化質量控制,落實全體員工的工作職能,依靠技術進步和提高員工素質,以優質產品占領市場、以加強管理提高效益、以科技進步增加后勁。 






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